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We are a Volunteer Run Not for Profit Organisation


Are you in need of assistance with:

  • Socialising
  • Basic technology
  • Someone to talk with
  • Being socially included
  • A check in service to see how you are

We are here to help.

Who are we?

Lauren who has a serious vision impairment.

Angela who is blind.

Jane who often has the role of a carer.

We get it. We know how tough it can be dealing with vision loss. If you need assistance we will try to help or steer you in the right direction. We want to connect. Create friendships. Help each other. Socialise. Be supportive of each other so we can live as independently as possible. Enjoy life.

We organise activity groups. Social events. Volunteers to help, create social inclusion.

So please call Lauren on 0405424265 if you need help or would like to connect with us


If you have a vision issue call us on 0405424265.

If you would like to Volunteer get in touch.

Volunteering is an important community role. It feels good too.

We organise activities, social gatherings, meetings and one on one assistance.


Acceptance and Understanding

We need to break the ice and make change when it comes to our vision loss.

Some people may experience a little fear of the unknown, making them uncomfortable. This can stop them from engaging with us.

Social inclusion

This is where you, the sighted folk, can help.

Vision loss can be very socially isolating, and this needs to change.

Simple gestures can make such a difference.

If you know someone with vision loss, a neighbour, a parent at school, a co-worker, a classmate, a friend of a friend, or even a person you don't really know, but may see them often.

If you could introduce yourself and try to include them somehow.

A connection service...

We think a connection service is really important to have.

Vision loss can be very socially isolating. It would be great to connect with each other, for support, sharing ideas and creating friendships.

We don't always want to rely on family or friends to talk with all the time.

Not all of us have family or friends to talk with anyway.

Here are more reasons for us wanting to start this idea.

  • Great social gatherings
  • Fundraising events.
  • Trying to assist small, legitimate sight loss inspired concepts.
  • Trying to assist those wanting to travel.
  • Encouraging sighted and non-sighted people to connect, and create social inclusion.

We would really like to hear from you, regarding your bucket list items, or any ideas regarding what's written above.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved, and help make positive change.

  • You can volunteer your time for helping with bucket list items, connecting to create friendships, fundraising events and social gatherings.
  • You can offer your products or services that your business offers.
  • You can donate to See With Me.


We want to assist people who experience vision loss.

Hello I am Jane Richey, Part of the “SeeWithMe” team. I have a strong connections with vision loss, due to my families afflictions with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Over the years I have been a carer, support worker, volunteer and paid employee through a variety of positions, involving people with varied conditions. Including people who are blind, experiencing low vision, elderly, frail, mental health issues or intellectual disability. I have Cert 4. Community services and development. Cert 4. Horticulture. Support worker/supervisor with Finding Workable Solutions. Volunteer with the RSB and other organisations for 8 years. Thank you for reading.
Hi my name is Angela and I am a volunteer with See With Me. I am almost totally blind. Married with two teenage children. Enjoy going to the gym, swimming, surf fishing, Reading audiobooks listening and playing music. My guide dog’s name is Oreo who gives me greater independence when travelling out and about. Listed below is some of the qualities and experiences that I bring to the See With Me team - Owned my own Retail/Wholesale Plant Nursery for 14 years - always like to encourage others to have a go at anything. - Passionate about promoting inclusion of all people within the community. - Have a sound knowledge about services available to low vision and blind. - Have a good understanding of the NDIS - always interested in new technology - played in a number of disability based bands - a committee member of the city of Victor Harbor access and inclusion advisory committee - Hold all relevant clearances to work with people with disabilities.
Hello. I am Lauren Govan. In my 50s, legally blind, due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. The disease is very prevalent in my family. At the age of 40, my own vision began to deteriorate. It is confronting and scary. I am a very positive person though and always try, to not let vision loss affect me negatively. I can see how vision loss can hinder people. Socially. Financially. Physically. Psychologically. I want to be involved with people experiencing sight issues. Connect with them and commit to making life more enjoyable and inclusive for us all. My Work Life. I worked with intellectually Challenged children and young adults for many years. I have been owner/operator of two small, successful businesses in hospitality. Completed Commercial Cookery Certificate 2. Tafe. Completed Community Services and Development. Cert 4. Tafe. Completed Diploma of Counselling Dec. 2019. Australian Institute Professional Counsellors. A Single Parent. A Volunteer. Now focusing on, See With Me, and striving for positive and enjoyable outcomes for people. Look Forward to Meeting You.


A simple Christmas Gathering by the sea for a couple of hours. Good company and bad jokes. Seasons Greetings. 2020
We had a pleasant day last week. A guided history walk, in the Victor Harbor township, followed by a nice lunch, at one of the local pubs. Thankyou Richard from the National Trust of Victor Harbor. The group standing in front of the beautiful building, former Bank SA, in Main St. Victor.
Pictured here is Tom He’s always up for telling a great yarn. In his younger days he owned and operated his own business as a drain surgeon {His words not mine ☺️} He recalls how he used to carry around a mobile phone the size of a brick! At the moment we are teaching him how to use an iPhone. At least his new iPhone should be a bit more waterproof than his old brick. Picture of Angela from SeeWithMe with Tom, who has Macular Degeneration
Our first bus trip. A day in the Adelaide Hills, to support businesses affected by the recent Bushfires. A Tour of Jurlique Flower and Herb Farm. A visit and tastings to Melbas Chocolate Factory and Woodside Chees Wrights. Lunch at Three Gums Bistro, Hahndorf. Excellent food and Service. Great Outing and Company. A very big Thank you to Jim Nixon, who kindly volunteered his time and bus driving skills. Very good at what he does
Male and female, side by side, with navigator in hand, and two guide dogs
We gave Peter, a navigator, a talking book, on permanent loan, till someone repairs his current one, or a new one arrives, via the NDIS.
Two women sitting together
Angela, who is blind, is on the left, teaching Karin, who has a serious vision impairment, how to use an iPhone. We have given Karin, an iPhone on loan.
Group of seven vision impaired people
Our first tech get together. Small but successful, and has been ongoing.
Photo of the south coast chamber orchestra.
Photo of the south coast chamber orchestra. They held their winter charity concert, july, 2018. All money raised, was donated to "See With Me". Over $400.00 was made.Thank you so much. Keep an eye out for these talented musicians.
Photo of Angela, with our latest victim, aka ian.
Photo of Angela, with our latest victim, aka Ian. Helping him to learn how to use an iPhone. Ian is legally blind, due to, not one but two eye diseases. Ian is also a good friend of ours. He is a great source of knowledge and support for us.
Photos of me Lauren and my friend and guide Lucy, in the united states, july 2018. Experiencing a burn my memory experience, flying over and landing in the grand canyon, in a chopper. Pictured with Michael Benson, CEO, visual experience foundation, enabling people to have a chance to experience something amazing. Which I did. I am very grateful. Hopefully, we can help people achieve bucket list items too. Thank you visual experience foundation and Sundance helicopters.
Photo of grant application.
Successful $400.00. Grant application, via, victor harbor council. Many thanks. Great work angela.
Photo of, 'Oreo', the guide dog
Photo of, "Oreo", the guide dog. A regular, at our successful tech meetings.
See With Me has had its first Bucket List Event happen
Who hoo! See With Me has had its first Bucket List Event happen. The photo above, left is Martin, me right. In the middle, is, Roger Hodgson, front man for Supertramp. We attended his concert, Thebarton Theatre recently It was a great concert. So talented. Had great seats and got to meet him after the show. Such a lovely, genuine man. Martin was and is still a huge fan and he had a great night. So huge thankyou to, Jon Lemon, .org tickets, meet and greet. Concert promoters for allowing it to happen. Roger Hodgson. So if you want something we can try and do for you, get in touch. More importantly continued connecting with people is what it’s all about. Here’s to more great nights.






BRIGHTON MEDITATION GROUP.................$100.00

BRIGHTON MEDITATION GROUP.................$150.00

TOM HUGO.................................................$ 50.00

BILL KELSEY.................................................$300.00

Donate Now

Bank: ANZ
Account Name: See With Me
BSB: 015 716
Account Number: 228 897 651


We want to be totally transparent financially.

To date, any cost involved, with this project, set up, registration, logo, web design etc., I have paid for myself.

If this idea is a success, I will require any ongoing operating costs, which will be kept to a minimum, to be taken out of any donated funds.

No overheads, such as wages, will be taken out, as absolutely no one, including myself, will be paid in any way, shape of form.

It is to be run purely on a volunteer basis in its current form.

However, for certain outings and events, people will need to pay for their own expenses. (Example. If we have a luncheon, or go to movies. etc).

We shall put up a quarterly incoming/outgoing ledger on this site, for people to view.

So if you do donate, please put a phone number, or a name you will recognise when I add it to the ledger.